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leafDrums is a software drum machine that combines drum patterns
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Leafdigital leafDrums 2.3 is a software drum machine. It combines drum patterns using sounds from standard wav or ogg audio files.
The program uses standard wav files for drum samples and loops. The user could add these samples and loops using the Internet or make their own. It could also create one-bar patterns and arrange them into a 'song', sequencing multiple patterns at once, when needed. This help in eliminating any duplication. The application also features the ability to repeat sections of a song without copy and paste using a unique 'arrows and flags' system that work like musical code. The drum sounds can be customized by changing length, attack, decay, or tuning, and adding audio effects. The user could create/modify unlimited number of drum sounds or patterns. The program has an option to include easily tempo and time signature changes within a song. Complete rhythms can be written to a CD-quality .Wav file so that they can be used in other programs or can be saved to compressed .ogg format to include on a Web site.

The software enables a user to make easily drum combinations and changes. The interface is user-friendly and easy to use.

Luis Sanchez
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  • User-friendly with ability to download samples and combinations


  • It is not possible to extract samples for use in other apps
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